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    Getting Started

    • Checklist:: Accessing Xero for the First Time
    • Checklist:: Setting up your Short Cut to Xero
    • Checklist :: 10 Things You MUST Do once you have set up your Xero account
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    • Getting Started with Bank Accounts
    • Getting Started with Bank Feeds
    • Getting Clever with Manual Bank Imports
    • Getting Clever with Fixing your Bank Balances
    • Checklist:: Setting up the Bank Account and Electronic Bank Feeds
    • Checklist:: Refreshing and Updating Electronic Bank Feeds
    • Checklist:: Importing a manual bank statement in to Xero
    • Checklist:: What to do when your Xero bank balance does not match the statement
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    • Getting Started with Sales & Invoicing
    • Getting Clever with Setting Invoice Defaults
    • Getting Clever with Email Templates & Emailing Invoices
    • Getting Clever with Invoice Templates - The Essentials
    • Getting Clever with Invoice Templates (Advanced)
    • Getting Clever with Your Sales Process
    • Getting Clever with Tracking Codes
    • Checklist:: Creating Sales Invoices
    • Checklist:: Setting Automatic Invoice Numbers
    • Checklist:: Email Templates and Emailing Invoices
    • Checklist:: Creating a new sales invoice template
    • Checklist:: Additional controls - submitting sales invoices for approval
    • Checklist:: Using tracking codes to account for sales
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    • Getting Started with Bills & Purchases
    • Printable:: Importing Bills, Receipts and Invoices to Xero
    • Getting Clever with Batch Paying Suppliers
    • Checklist:: Adding A Bill
    • Checklist:: Approving and Checking Bills or Invoices
    • Checklist:: Attaching Files to Bills and Invoices
    • Checklist:: Batch paying suppliers and sending remittance advices
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    Xero File Management

    • Getting Clever with Managing FIles
    • Article:: Using Xero Files to Manage Your Documents
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    Chart Of Accounts

    • Getting Started with your Chart of Accounts
    • Printable:: Getting your chart of accounts right
    • Checklist:: Adding or editing account codes for invoices and bills
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    Bank Reconciliation

    • Getting Started with Bank Reconciliations
    • Getting Clever with Bank Reconciliations
    • Getting Started with Bank Rules
    • Getting Clever with Bank Rules
    • Getting Started with Payments on Account
    • Printable:: To Reconcile or Not To Reconcile? - Where should you post that bank transaction?
    • Checklist:: Reconciling the Bank - Cash or accruals basis?
    • Checklist:: Setting up bank rules
    • Checklist:: Posting payments on accounts
    • Checklist:: Part Paying Sales Invoices Through Bank Reconciliation
    • Checklist:: What to do when your Xero bank rules stop working
  • 9

    Customer & Supplier Reconciliation

    • Getting Started with Customer & Supplier Reconciliations
    • Checklist:: Reconciling supplier accounts to account statements
    • Checklist:: Reconciliation of accounts receivable and accounts payable
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    • Checklist:: Getting Started with your VAT return in Xero
  • 11

    Month End Accounting

    • Getting Started with your Profit & Loss Account
    • Getting Clever with your Profit & Loss (Codings)
    • Getting Clever with your Profit & Loss (Tips)
    • Article:: Suggestions for your Profit & Loss layout
    • Getting Started with your Balance Sheet
    • Getting Clever with your Balance Sheet (Codings)
    • Getting Clever with your Balance Sheet (Tips)
    • Article:: Suggestions for your Balance Sheet layout
    • Getting Clever with your Balance Sheet and your Profit & Loss Account
    • Getting Clever with Xero - Find & Recode
    • Checklist:: Running a Profit and Loss Account
    • Checklist:: Understanding your Profit & Loss
    • Checklist:: Changing your Profit and Loss layout
    • Checklist:: Efficiently using Find & Recode